What to do with all this snow

Who ever said Lutheran’s don’t know how to have fun? The Trinity Lutheran Church is planning a fun mid-winter event on Feb. 13 from noon-3 p.m. called  “Chase Away the Chili’s Event”. Many games and activities for the kids, vote for your choice of favorite chili and snowman photo. Fun, Food, Fellowship. This free family event open to the community. Trinity Lutheran Church 1205 Sixth St. Hudson. 

The part that caught my eye was the snowman photo contest. This sounds like something we could all get behind. How fun would it be to drive around town looking at everyones artistic interpetation of snow!  I bet travelers through Hudson’s main drags would think, ~those Hudson folks really know how to make the most of winter~

So,  how about it fellow snowbound residents, can you make the “coolest” snowman in town? If you think so, make one and take a picture to submit to Trinity’s snowman contest. For more details contact any member of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Let me know too and I’ll add them to my blog! By the way, my sister sent me this pics, she’s basking in sunny AZ right now………laughing!