Hudson Community Education Classes

Did you receive your Hudson Community Education booklet in the mail last week? It had a really nice photo on the front and was full of interesting classes on the inside. Classes begin soon and continue well into winter. They are all fairly reasonably priced and mostly held in the evening, right here in Hudson. Here is another way to stimulate the local economy.

The classes vary from Happy Toe dancing for ages 3 & 4,  Awesome Appetizers, computer classes and all the way to building an outdoor room.

Do you need to update your on the job First Aid skills? Sign up here.

Do you have an ATV? Take a class about Wisconsin ATV Safety program and enjoy your ATV safely.

Unsure about that yoga trend going around? Try classes and see if you feel better. After all it’s going to be along winter, so stay limber!

I am going to take a PowerPoint class; I hope I can grasp it. If not my 14 year old nephew can coach me on it! I am also going to contact the Hospital to update my First Aid Certificate; it was good reminder for me to see it in the pamphlet.

If you would rather teach a class there is a form you can submit for consideration for future classes. For some under or unemployed professionals this could be an avenue to a new and exciting career of teaching a subject you are proficient at. Or if you are really passionate about a hobby, turn it into a money making proposition. It is a pretty simple form to fill out and submit. You get to set the price of your class and keep 75% of the fees, if I read it correctly. And you get to enjoy sharing your knowledge with interested students.

If you don’t still have the booklet you can also get the information online at and click on the Community Education tab and then Community Education Classes.

Don’t be late for class!