Eatbeat author, my hero of the day

Marilyn Hagerty of the Grand Forks Herald, N.D. is kind of a co-worker of mine, kind of like half of Hudson is related to me! She writes a blog, I write a blog, we both are employed by the Forum Communications Company out of Fargo. We both like food, small town living but that’s about where it ends.

Marilyn is the newest internet sensation, having gone viral about her down home food review of the new Olive Garden in Grand Forks. She reminds me of our dear Kay Johnson who worked here at the HSO for many- ever. Kay was also an elegant lady who had a way with words, she could develop a story out of one small tidbit of information she picked up in a conversation. Did I mention that they are/were both in the ‘over 80’ category, and still writing?

It sounds like Marilyn has that same gift for words. Her assessment of the new Olive Garden has landed her in New York on TV and I just read she’ll also be on Jay Leno soon.  I also learned that her husband had been the Editor of the Herald for many years and that they have been to the White House for dinner and are well traveled, so I believe she knows a thing or two about fine dining.

UPDATE: She had to blow off Jay Leno, had other commitments in NYC. Priceless!

Take a moment to click over to her blog, along with over a million others, and read her blog “Eatbeat” you can find it at:  and hopefully Marilyn will start referring all her readers to my blog! After all we’re kind of co-workers!