Eye candy, ice cream and then some

I work in the danger zone, 3 doors away from Knoke’s Chocolate Shop on Locust St. It’s hard to walk by without stopping in for a decadent piece of dark chocolate anything, or my other favorite, chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

This locally owned candy store is run by Dave Knoke. I don’t want to get in trouble, but I think, no, I know, that there is a gaggle of gals who stop in just for a bit of Dave’s charm….and to buy candy or ice cream too, as a cover. He is a super nice guy and a very good business person. I hope this doesn’t sound sexist. Just in case….. all the employees are really nice and seem to enjoy working there; always a plus!

On almost every summer day Locust Street hosts ice cream lovers enjoying a Knoke cone outside the shop at its new location. It is a few doors east of the old spot, much larger, very nicely laid out and also looks very nice. 

This past week, appearing in front of the Star Observer and in front of the store itself are three new benches. They are just the right height and length to host ice cream lovers of all sizes.  Already this week we have had the benches full of kids and Moms enjoying end of school year treats.

This Friday night is the first Locust Street Car Show that Knoke’s help host. So stop on down between 6-9 p.m., cruise the cars, grab a cone and enjoy the view.

You can see Knoke’s web site at knokeschocolates.com.  mmmmmmmm…see ya, I’m off for a cone.

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