Showing some local love

River Falls sure had a bad week last week. A fatal stabbing, a triple murder and it rained on their parade. I was thinking it’s time for Hudson to share some love with our neighbors. Paul Rode made a good start last week, taking a day out of his busy life to help a person with needs unmet.
I was in the parade last Friday night, with the Trinity Lutheran Church, who was promoting their Goliath Challenge 5K race. Early in the hot hot week I thought having my water squirter would be a huge hit. But as I drove down the street, AFTER it rained, I felt kind of silly, trying to squirt people who were soaking wet.
It was amazing the crowd stuck around through a down pour and lightning, just to watch a parade. To me it showed some real community spirit, and maybe folks just wanted to be together, to feel united or to show some local support for their hometown celebration.
River Falls has so much to offer so close to Hudson. One of our favorite stops is to the local theatre, movies are first run and super cheap, tickets and snacks alike. They have a most excellent pizza and gyro place on the main drag, a fun Mexican restaurant and other locally owned restaurants. There is also a collection of locally owned shops that would love to see some Hudson visitors come browsing through, along with a few thrift stores that offer great deals on assorted goods.
Down on Main Street they have music in Veteran’s Park on certain nights of the week. The park is tucked next to the movie theatre and has a nice bridge that takes you over the Kinni River to walking trails and parking.
You could spend a day kayaking or canoeing the Kinnickinnic, either on your own or rented from the outfitter on the north side of town. It is 85% easy paddling and 15% thrilling or scary depending on your skill level. But the scenery is 100% awesome. You feel like you are 100 miles away from anywhere.
With a university located in town, there is always something going on there, arts, sports, classes and more. The River Falls library usually has a unique exhibit or speakers for everyone’s enjoyment.
So maybe next time you are looking for a road trip destination, try sharing some love in River Falls. They could really use it right now.

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