So long farewell it’s time to say good bye

My last blog here……

I want to thank all the readers who took time to read my blog the last two years.  I never knew I could think of so many topics to cover! I was grateful I was given a chance to be a ”blogger”‘. The Hudson Star-Observer is shifting the base of operation to River Falls and my services are no longer needed, so home I go.  It will give me a chance to spread my wings in new and hopefully exciting directions.

My 21+ years I have worked for this company have been the best work experience a person could hope for. Most of the people I was lucky enough to work with have become lifetime friends, I found my place in the community here and it felt good.   The work was interesting, rewarding and fun. I can count on my hand the number of days I didn’t look forward to coming in to the office. If a person can say that about a job, you’re a lucky soul.

My fondest memories will be with the time I was able to spend with Willis Miller, he was such a great teacher and fostered my interest in Hudson’s rich history. I really came to love Hudson, even with all its quirky folks and stories, it’s home. Home to so many wonderful people who care about this town, have invested their money, hearts and lives in this town. Not just to sleep and buy groceries here, but make a life here. That’s the part of this job that was so good, we got to see how and why folks lived in Hudson. When we built our little log cabin east of town, I was determined to work locally. I was actually hired over the phone by Jay Griggs. I did that interview while I was ironing my clothes! He knew my dad (and still hired me!) and thought our family was upright and hard workers. I hope I have proved him true.

Our editor Doug Stohlberg, also a life long Hudsonite, shares this love of community and has devoted his life, like Willis, to sharing the news about Hudson. He will be sequestered up at 901 4th St and at the new location to the south. I will really miss the discussions we three Hudsonite’s have had over the years about families and events that occured here in our little town. They helped me make connections as to who was related to who and a few really juicy stories that will never see print!

So, to all my co-workers downtown friends and family, it’s been a great run, no regrets and yes, I took my blue Wizard of Oz bike home! Look me up on Facebook if you like, I ‘d love to hear from you. Another day over, so long.