By the light of the Silver Moon

I haven’t written here for a while, hope you missed me! Life on the other side of the paycheck is sure different. I’ve been sleeping a bit later, getting 21 years of “one of these days” jobs done and re-figuring where my life is going.

I’m on a quick road trip to Arizona with two friends, weather is great, Holiday decor looks very odd here in the valley of the sun.We stopped for the night in Santa Rosa NM after a fantastic sunset over the high country of NM. The buttes were alive with color, way cool.

I had never been through Kansas or Oklahoma….awesome sunsets and big sky. I really like Nebraska….yeah, I’m in the minority, but its very peaceful to me. So Kansas and Oklahoma are like……hmmmmm, super groovy big and flat. You can watch your dog run away for three days it is so flat.

The freeway lights of Albuquerque are very artsy. We dropped down via SNOWFLAKE ARIZONA, no snow, so we went through SUPRISE, guess what…. no suprises there?

My suggestions of the day, stop at the Route 66 museum in Elk City, and the sod museum in Oklahoma, stop and listen to a few wind turbines before you get mesmerized by them as you drive by. Wind energy is really making inroads here in the lower US.

Do not order the spicy chicken quesadilla at the Silver Moon on Route 66 in Santa Rosa NM. unless you need you entire sinus system cleared out.

Speaking of that, we watched some odd TV show about a brother and sister;  the sister had taken some kind of anti biotic that kills everything (including the bacteria in her colon). Things went bad for her and she was willing to try a new medical procedure called a fecal transplant to get some new bacteria into her gut area.  Her brother “donated” “”it”” and with in an hour her bowl problems were solved. They took a very light hearted approach to a very sensitive subject. It was two hours of road conversation!

Things I never needed to know. Hope it snows soon so I can focus on winter. peace —  out

2 thoughts on “By the light of the Silver Moon

  1. Sounds like a fun road trip! Now that I’ve joined the ranks of retirees, I’m hoping to make some American road trips as well.

    FYI – Dec. 8 and no snow on the ground here in Palmer, Alaska. Last year we set snow records.

  2. It’s good to hear from you, Maggie. You’re making me jealous talking about your road trip. And the brother/sister fecal transplant story? Classic!

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